Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...JOY! Felt Cuffs

Joy Cuff

Our lesson this week is the story of Paul and Silas having joy and praising God while in prison. So to go along with that we're making cuff style bracelets that say JOY. (I admit that I amuse myself with the idea of making cuff bracelets for a story that involves handcuffs. Get it?)

Joy Cuff

After I took a class where felt charm bracelets were made, I've loved this idea, so I was happy to find a way to share it with the kids at church. With a limited time to work on crafts, this is simplified quite a bit. But you could make it more involved if you like.

Prep for this craft:
Cut felt pieces to 2"x8" (one per child)
Sew a large button to one end ( could have kids do this)
Cut a button hole in the other end ( could have kids do this)
Cut JOY letters from felt

You'll also need:
Embroidery thread
Extra felt scraps

Download the PDF assembly instructions here.

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